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Fund Changes - Nov-18
 Fund Changes
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Week 45: 11/5/2018-11/9/2018

American Funds registers the Capital Group Central Cash fund, an institutional money market fund which will generally be available for purchase only by funds and other investment vehicles managed by the investment advisor or its affiliates, and will not be available to the public...Virtus files two fundamental index ETFs: the Virtus Private Credit ETF will track an index designed to provide exposure to U.S.-listed registered business development companies and non-BDC registered closed-end funds that provide significant exposure to private credit; and files the Virtus Real Asset Income ETF, which will track an index comprised of “Real Asset” companies, including those classified under certain real estate-related, natural resources-related, or infrastructure-related industries. Virtus also registers the actively managed Virtus Seix Senior Loan ETF, which will be sub-advised by Seix Investment Advisors and will invest in in a combination of first- and second-lien senior floating rate loans, with a focus on loans rated below investment grade. The fund may invest up to 20% of total assets in senior loans made to non-U.S. borrowers and will have no limits on its average-weighted maturity...Brian Nelson will no longer serve as a portfolio manager to the Invesco Charter fund ($3.26 billion) and Invesco Mid Cap Core Equity fund ($994 million), leaving Ronald Sloan as sole portfolio manager to the funds, and Derek Taner will no longer serve as a portfolio manager to the Invesco Health Care fund ($1.35 billion), leaving Henry Wu as sole portfolio manager to the fund...Guy Stern will be retiring as portfolio manager of the John Hancock Funds II Global Absolute Return Strategies fund ($3 billion) (Stern’s successor has not yet been designated)…Victory Capital plans to acquire USAA Asset Management (the transaction is expected to be completed during the second quarter of 2019)...WisdomTree proposes the WisdomTree India ex-State-Owned Enterprises ETF, which will track a float-adjusted market cap weighted index that consists of companies incorporated and traded in India, excluding common stocks of state-owned enterprises (companies with over 20% government ownership)...Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young will replace K&L Gates as legal counsel to the GuideStone funds...The PIMCO Emerging Local Bond fund ($3.5 billion) will change its name to PIMCO Emerging Markets Local Currency and Bond fund, and will modify its 80% investment policy to reflect that it will invest in currencies of, or fixed income instruments denominated in the currencies of, emerging market countries and in fixed income instruments (each of which may be represented by forwards or derivatives)...   MORE>>

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