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Filings Insight


Monitor overall trends with Fund Changes Weekly Synopsis on the following topics:

  • Regulatory changes
  • Sales load changes and temporary waivers
  • B/D concession changes and promotional re-allowances
  • Redemption fee waivers / specific considerations
  • Minimum investments changes in retail and institutional funds
  • Sub-adviser changes and new relationships
  • Advisory fee levels and schedule changes
  • Expense caps
  • 12b-1 fee changes
  • Administrative fees, TA fees, and other service fee changes
  • Service provider replacements
  • New portfolio managers and PM changes
  • New fund registrations
  • Fund liquidations and reorganizations.


Analyze key themes in product development by studying a monthly overview of funds recently registered with the SEC. Historical synopsis reports date back to 12/2000. The major sections include analysis of the following fund types:
  • closed-end equity
  • open-end equity
  • closed-end bond
  • open-end bond