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New Features

Simfund Filing 5.0 : 2007 Release

Fund Filing 3.0: 2005 Release


Simfund Filing 5.0: 2007 Release

Prospectus Data Fund Profiles

Simfund Filing 5.0 is the latest upgrade to Strategic Insight's comprehensive current and historical database extracted from the SEC EDGAR filings. Simfund Filing 5.0 is dedicated to being the finest industry tool for institutions to access competitive intelligence available from the EDGAR filings. Now Fund Filing combines user-friendly access to mutual fund filings with a daily digest of detailed fund changes and newly registered funds in both an historical database and newsletter format.


Special Strategy Flags

With the integration of the new flags in many of the selection screens, it is now easier to create a relevant peer group related to a special investment strategy. These flags, which are constantly updated, are available in the selection screens of New Fund Registrations, Fund Changes and Simfund Criteria. Specialty flags make it simple to find ETFs, Fund of Funds, Index Funds, and Retirement Funds, among so many other flags, and to conduct searches on these specialty strategy funds such as; a focused search on fund changes, locating their latest prospectuses, finding new fund registrations being filed with the SEC, or creating email alerts.

Fund Filing

Fund Filing

Peer Group Email Alerts

Creating Fund Changes email alerts for a list of pre-defined portfolios is now a one-step process. The selection screen includes an entry “Portfolio” list from which you may choose any portfolio to add to your watch list.

Fund Filing


News Makers Archive

"News Makers " section takes the current industry interests and links them directly to the SEC filings. "News Makers Archive" offers a full-text search of all prior news links allowing for historical perspective. Now there is an easy way to access all past “News Makers ” issues straight from the home page by clicking on View Archived Articles.

Fund Filing

Search New Registrations for Launched Funds

Live funds data is now available on a timely basis. Using our New Fund Registration system in tandem with the Prospectus Data Fund Profile, search results will now distinguish between the launched live fund (“clickable”) and those awaiting a launch (“unclickable”).

Fund Filing


Simfund Connect

With the new Simfund Filing website, you are one click from sharing valuable and critical data between Simfund desktop and Simfund Filing website.  For the first time ever, a 360-degree view of every single fund is available with ease and timely data.  From within Simfund, a user of both Simfund Filing and Simfund, can link through the web into Simfund Filing. From Simfund Filing, a user will be able to access an increasing amount of Simfund generated analyses relevant to Simfund users.

  • Many new analytics can be realized using the Simfund round trip Connect:
  • From within Simfund desktop, you can export and/or create an email alert for any newly registered funds defined by your peer group analysis.
  • From within Simfund desktop, you can export and/or create an email alert for any fund changes from over 50 specific categories defined by your peer group analysis.
  • From within Simfund desktop, you can read the latest prospectus and/or annual report for any of your funds' peer group.
  • From within Simfund Filing website, it is now easy to create a relevant peer group related to a special investment strategy as you did in Simfund with the integration of Simfund Special Strategy flags in many of the selection screens of Simfund Filing



Fund Filing 3.0: 2005 Release

Save Search / Load Search Functions

Save time: Customize your searches using your specific criteria only once, save them, and load them at any time with one click of a button.

You can do it either from My FundFiling section:

Or from any section of Fund Filing:

Pre-defined (Quick) Searches

Benefit from the knowledge base amended daily by the Fund Filing research and support team: use Quick Searches in each Fund Filing section.

E-mail Alerts for your Saved Searches

Be pro-active: set up periodic e-mail alerts for your watch-lists and receive notifications every time a new relevant record / filing comes in.

Results Export in XLS Format

Further analyze Fund Filing data: export any data set into XLS and run statistics, comparison, other queries; integrate Fund Filing data with internal (or any other) data type.

Real-time SEC Filings

New Fund Filing will be based on real-time SEC filings feed and updated with the latest SEC documents on a daily basis.

XLS / PDF / Word Format Filings

Download filings in any format for further manipulations.

Proxy Materials (forms DEF-; PRE-)

Take advantage of new document forms captured in the new Fund Filing.